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                                  ** ODC has a goal to produce FAIR and Professional races.                      
** People who abuse the rules set forth by ODC will be BANNED for LIFE NO questions asked-done deal.
** Chat talk will be clean during races and on Broadcasts or privilages will lost.

 odc_Kenny Slayton
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   You will need to Sign Up on RPM, please go to the registration page for instructions.

                                               **** JUST A REMINDER *****

The admins do not drive these sim cars during these events....they do not run into other cars during the event....and they do not spin other cars out during the do not jump on them when all they do is call cautions and get the lineup back in order! That is what they are in place for. These guys VOLUNTEER their time to do this for YOU THE RACER. Please show them respect and thank them for all they do.
Racing Links
Racing Links
Shaun Mooneyhan wins the 2014 Lucas Oil Dirt Latemodel Sim Series Championship. Next on the schedule is the Dirt On Dirt Latemodel Sims series. This series will be by invation only. Registar on RPM and if you are chosen to race this series you will receive an email with qualifation.
Drivers Meeting is mandatory. Live Broadcast will be done by Onlinedirtconnecton TV on Twitch tv. Broadcast Teams are getting ready and LIVE broadcast are selected. Join up on RPM and Lets go racing.
Any questions please contact:

Kenny Slayton